Explore The Abandoned Bunker

Abandoned places in World War II explore bunkers and other unknown areas of significance.

U.S. Bunker Located By The Sea ★★★☆☆

Image(s) will show World War 2 bunkers abandoned under European Streets.

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☢ There are 50,000 bunkers underneath Berlin ☢

70 years ago, these underground bunkers were supposed to survive a nuclear attack.

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Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker found in Russia.

Have you ever wondered why there are underground bunkers that are usually found in military bases? Some people might believe that industrial bunkers are for industrial purposes, while others might believe that the industrial bunkers are for industrial purposes. However, industrial bunkers are actually for industrial purposes, but they are also being used for secrecy. And this was very common during World War 2.

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See abandoned bunker nearly 100 years old ★★★☆☆

An underground bunker was a common sight during the Second World War. The purpose of these bunkers was to transport soldiers, armaments, and valuables safely beneath the ground. These tunnels were usually constructed with an entrance, a generator house, a phone system, animal pens, ventilation ducts, storage, and rooms with respiratory equipment. The protection afforded by these bunkers is what made them so popular among military planners during the conflict.

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✬ Explore the world's largest Cold War bunker ✬

Find the average anti-nuclear bunker of the Cold War with us as we tour the most top secret places these sites had to offer. Here you'll find Top Secret KGB tunnels, Atomic Cannon tunnels, A.Q. Khan nuclear enrichment enterprise, etc.

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⚛️ Explore the world's most haunting bunkers ⚛️

A book about a boy and a girl who go on an adventure to discover a Nazi bunker from World War II. They find clues that there could be valuable finds inside.

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☣️ Some bunkers can be rented out for tourism ☣️

Explore over 60 abandoned bunkers, monuments, and cemeteries along with 1,700 underground missile silos in the rugged terrain of the Rheinberg Plateau in the Northwest of Germany.

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sustaining underground Soviet Cold War bunker. ☢️

Urban explorers discover abandoned World War II bunker.

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⛔ Explore an abandoned bunker from World War II ⛔

Explore the bunkers and unearth the stories of those who once lived and fought there.

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A Photographic Tour of Cold War Bunker Sites

A fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Built by Russian construction workers during the 1980s and abandoned soon after. Located deep in the forest and with no signs of entry and exit and with an underground generator for power.

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✯ Photos of abandoned Cold War bunker sites ✯

Explore an Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker. Uncover new anomalies. Discover all the different dimensions. Try It For Free.

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A World War 2 bunker site for sale.

Discover the world's most haunting wartime images of abandoned WWII bunkers.

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe

How can you tell that something has been thoughtlessly ignored for decades? Well, the disastrous state of the Bunker Abschnitt - Rummelsburg bunker in early February was, to say the least, eye opening.

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Haunting pictures of abandoned WWII bunkers

The Urbis Co. has been plying their trade around abandoned Soviet Cold War bunkers for the last 14 years. They have a wide variety of high quality, unique pieces which can be purchased online or in person were they have a boutique-like.

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✭ Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, urbexing ✭

Quantities of bunker were released to the public in the late ‘90s.

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Abandoned Bunker and Other World War 2 History ⚛

Hold an event where people descend on the bunker and explore it in real-time to find anything that has yet to be found.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunkers ★★★★☆

I love exploring the abandoned places and the nuclear bunkers of my hometown. It's such an interesting thrill to try and picturing what life must have been like for those who once inhabited the place. However, as much as I want to preserve these places to help those who may be curious, I think people should use their own brains to find out for themselves and discover the history and the stories behind the places.

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The bunkers were destroyed by allied bombings ☣️

A HUGE collection of the most incredible abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites that were once home to nuclear missile silos or environmental research facilities.

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pictures show abandoned bunkers on Europe Streets

A YouTube Channel about the Cold War and World War II that shows a lesser known destination of these two periods of time: Nuclear bunkers. I'll be going on a journey through the abandoned Nuclear bunkers of Europe and America, and telling stories of the past life of these places. I am a native of southwestern Germany, and am fluent in German, English, and Italian.

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✯ There are World War 2 bunkers across Europe ✯

Enter The Escape, A Spooky Soviet Bunker Waiting to Be Discovered.

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Bunkers of the Cold War era ★★★★☆

Explore what remains of abandoned Cold War bunker sites across the world.

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☢ There are 50,000 bunkers underneath Berlin ☢

Abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker for urban explorers.

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History of Abandoned WWII Bunkers ★★★☆☆

On sale, two available cozy bunkers for over 75% off.

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Cities can grow up around old bunkers ★★★☆☆

Explore empty abandoned Cold War & WW2 bunkers that were once the stomping ground of the World's governments.

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Abandoned Bunker and Other World War 2 History ⚛

A photo essay covering the vast majority of abandoned, abandoned Cold War bunker sites.

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U.S. Bunker Located By The Sea ★★★☆☆

The majority of people know about the bunkers, cellar, undiscovered treasures, and the ones still resting on the ground, but what about the objects that are no longer there? The destination of the chopper that picked up the old fighter plane, the house that was burned seven years ago, the needle that pierced all the way through someone’s leg, the echo of the dying screams of the dying human beings ...

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Bunkers were created before the war ★★★★☆

Meet the Frigid World - a global gallery where you can check out abandoned WWII bunkers. It's a stunning photo series featured by National Geographic.

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Take a tour of the bunker and its contents ★★★★☆

This photographic tour provides insight into abandoned, Cold War bunker sites.

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WWII Bunker is Now a Common Place in Modern ★★★★★

Two urban exploring adventurers discovered the world’s largest abandoned WWII bunker in the Great Lakes region of the US. They were able to get inside and document their visit via a video tour. It was so large and extensive that they only explored the first two floors and left plenty of other areas to explore in the future. But many organizations and establishments have failed to appreciate and preserve the actual history and to preserve and protect these sites for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

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Bunkers of the Cold War era

These are the images of the bunkers of Europe that are now abandoned. Download these images to create spooky posters or photo gifts.

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✭ Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, urbexing ✭

Abandoned WW2 bunkers abandoned under Europe Streets.

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⚜︎ Abandoned Cold War bunker ⚜︎

Nuclear bunker locations where the Cold War and WW2 (WW2 had nuclear bunkers too) were played out.

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☆ Visit the abandoned World War II Bunker ☆

Search and explore abandoned and fully stocked Cold War-era Soviet Bunker in 15 minutes.

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Explore the Cold War and WW2 Underground Bunker ☠

Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker with a Haven for Urban Explorers.

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Abandoned World War II bunkers ★★★☆☆

Photographer Martin Schroeder documents the ruins of apparently abandoned military bunkers that were once home to relic Cold War defense programs, but now belong to nature.

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They explore abandoned bunkers around the world.

Drifting Sands is a photographic documentary about abandoned Cold War bunker sites, featuring a selection of images from a selection of photographer.

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Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★☆☆

World War II Abandoned Places: Explore More Than Bunkers.

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Some bunkers include churches and living quarters

When I asked Russian authorities to unlock the doors of abandoned Cold War Soviet bunkers, I never dreamed the journey into the past would be so fascinating & beautiful. I hope you can join me on this white-knuckle tour of Russian Cold War &.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites

Today, to find a hidden abandoned bunker or hidden treasures, it is easy to simply go to Google. But what about the Cold War era? This video shows us where to find these historical structures around the United States that have been long forgotten.

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☢️ World War II bunkers ☢️

Explore the abandoned Cold War nuke bunkers with Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places.

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✮ Abandoned Cold War bunker in a European city ✮

surreal images taken by Vadim Makhorov show bunkers from World War 2 that were abandoned under Europe's landscape.

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Haunting photos of abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★★★

pictures show abandoned bunkers in Europe, with an idea about getting German civilians in with refugees.

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☢ There are 50,000 bunkers underneath Berlin ☢

World War II Abandoned Places explore more than bunkers.

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Haunting images of abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★☆☆

Images from Europe Streets show the deserted World War 2 bunkers under the streets.

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Haunting pictures of abandoned WWII bunkers

People can explore abandoned war bunkers abandoned town, explore a different perspective of World War 2.

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☣ Bunkers can be found all over Europe ☣

There were many reasons why the military placed some of their bunkers underground during World War II. One of the most common among the general public was a fear of a large strike on a certain area. For safety, these bunkers were built without windows and were equipped with provisions for everything from food storage to water. Sometimes, bunkers were also meant for hiding from enemies, such as Nazis or Japanese invaders. Go somewhere


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